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Our veterinary air purifiers will give everyone in your office peace of mind and improved odour control.

Veterinary Air Purifiers in Vancouver, British Columbia
Sanitizing and disinfecting a veterinary practice are standard operating procedures. Your employees probably spend hours each day wiping down surfaces and sanitizing and sterilizing equipment. With our veterinary air purifiers, you can take your cleaning routine a step further and provide additional peace of mind to your clients, your employees and everyone else who visits your veterinary practice in or near Vancouver, British Columbia.

Our veterinary air purifiers come in a variety of models, appropriate for different sizes of rooms and uses. There are sizes appropriate for small exam rooms and larger models that are better suited to common areas like the waiting or reception area of your practice. Regardless of size, these veterinary air purifiers can clean and disinfect your air, removing and even killing viruses, bacteria and spores that might otherwise settle on the surfaces of your clinic. We usually recommend purchasing multiple units, but you can also get mobile units that are mounted on a mobile cart for flexibility and air purification on the go.

Veterinary air purifiers provide continuous disinfection, but they also provide odour control, which can be very useful in veterinary spaces. From your exam rooms to your surgical spaces, our beloved animals can create some smelly situations at times. So, beyond eliminating airborne pathogens and contaminants, your veterinary air purifiers can make your clinic a more pleasant place to be as well.

To learn more about our options for veterinary air purifiers or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp. today. We can help you think about both your current and future needs.

Veterinary Air Purifiers
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