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Veterinary Equipment Services

Animal surgery, cat with  anesthesia breathing circuit setWe provide troubleshooting and pollution control, yearly preventative maintenance, the setup of 
new facility equipment and cleaning of anesthesia machines and vaporizers.

All our staff are local, knowledgeable Registered Respiratory Therapists.

Our hours are flexible to suit your surgery schedule, and we provide on-site service.

24-hour emergency call service. 


Preventative Yearly Anesthesia Equipment Maintenance Program

High Pressure System

  • Snoop tested for leaks
  • Pressure tested for leaks
  • Connections cleaned
  • Regulators checked for 50 psi setting

Low Pressure System

  • All hoses and connections pressure tested
  • All hoses and connections snoop tested
  • Vaporizer/flowmeter/tubing suction tested
  • One-way valves cleaned reseated
  • Soda lime checked / absorber cleaned
  • APL valve cleaned and tested
  • Scavenge system inspected for leaks

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Vaporizer Service

Annual clean and calibration that includes a loaner vaporizer.

Service is done by a registered biomedical team. 

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