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We offer a full lineup of products for hospitals, clinics, medical practices, and dental offices.

At Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp., we bring you the latest medical and dental equipment needed to run a successful practice and ensure excellent patient care. Here is a complete listing of the surgical products we sell and service:

Please see below for a full list of our current Surgical Products:


  • Vision Series Surgical Lights
  • Vision EX5 Minor Procedure Light – 1622
  • Vision LED Surgery Light – 1354
  • Milano T50 Power Procedure Table – 1429
  • Milano P50 Podiatry Table – 1632
  • Milano OB50 OB/GYN Procedure Table – 1563
  • Tuttnauer Autoclave EZ 10
  • Tuttnauer Autoclave EZ 11 Plus
  • Tuttnauer Autoclave Elara 11
  • Tuttnauer Autoclave 3870EA
  • Tuttnauer Autoclave 5075HSG
  • Refurbished anesthesia machines:
    • Draeger Fabius GS Premium
    • GE AESTIVA 5
  • Refurbished defibrillators:
    • Zoll X series
    • Phillips Heart Start MRx
  • Refurbished Monitors
    • Phillips Intellivue many models
    • GE Carescape many models


Feel free to contact us directly to inquire about any of the above products. We are happy to provide guidance and help you find the right solution for the current and future needs of your practice.