Meet the B‑Cure Laser Device!

It’s a Must-Have for Any Veterinary Clinic!

Your veterinary clinic needs the B-Cure Laser device! Accessible to any veterinarian and known for its accurate, fast results, this laser device is a must-have for your clinic. 

What is the B-Cure Laser Vet Pro? It’s based on LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy) technology, and it emits a low-level laser beam within the range of 1-1000mW. It’s a coherent, monochromatic beam of light, with one defined wavelength that moves in one phase and in one direction.

As an LLLT-based device, the B-Cure Laser Vet Pro exerts photochemical effects, rather than thermal effects on living tissues. It works on the skin surface while penetrating deeply through the skin tissue with no heating effect. It also triggers biological reactions in the cells, allowing the effects of the cold laser light to be more than local only.

What can it treat? Here are just a few conditions:

You can invest in an LLLT laser device for your clinic and benefit from the best LLLT technology in the world for a relatively low investment and a high ROI. Click to learn more!

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Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp.
  • Hip Arthritis & Dysplasia
  • Elbow Osteoarthritis
  • Tendon Weakness
  • Knee Pain
  • Back & Spine Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Gingivitis, Periodontitis, Stomatitis
  • Wounds and Burns
  • Pododermatitis
  • Ruptured Anal Sacs and Fistulas
  • Facial Nerve paralysis
  • Chronic Otitis/ Ear infection
B-Cure Laser Vet Pro
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FAQs About the B-Cure Laser Device

You want the best for your pet, and that means providing them with the best possible care. Whether you run a vet clinic or have your own dog at home, the B-Cure Laser device is a revolutionary product you can’t miss. We’ve answered some questions we get asked about it below.

How can I help my pet’s arthritis pain?
If your dog has struggled with arthritis pain as they get older, the B-Cure Laser device can help your pet regain some of their mobility in affected areas and experience less pain.

Can I use the B-Cure Laser at home?
Yes! The B-Cure Laser device is available for use in veterinary clinics and at home. Ask us about how you can purchase one for either purpose.

What can I do to care for my dog’s chronic pain?
We recommend investing in the B-Cure Laser device. This way, you can provide your pet with treatment on an ongoing basis as they age or experience different conditions.

What conditions can you treat with the B-Cure Laser? 
The B-Cure Laser device can help treat many conditions that affect pets. Some of these include hip arthritis and dysplasia, elbow osteoarthritis, knee pain, back and spine pain, neck pain, wounds and burns, facial nerve paralysis, and chronic ear infections.

How does the B-Cure Laser work? 
As an LLT-based device, the B-Cure laser exerts photochemical effects, instead of thermal effects, on the animal’s living tissues. This triggers biological reactions in the cells, which enhance the effects of the cold laser light.

At-Home Laser Care for Your Pet