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Veterinary Equipment Services


Vaporizer Service

We recommend annual cleaning and calibration. This service is completed by a registered biomedical team, and we’ll provide you with a loaner vaporizer, if needed, so that your veterinary services are not interrupted. You are also provided with a full report post-clean and calibration.


Anesthesia Equipment Maintenance

Our preventative yearly maintenance includes high-pressure and low-pressure systems. With your high-pressure system, it is snoop and pressure tested for leaks, the connections are cleaned, and the regulators are checked for 50 psi setting. With the low-pressure system, the hoses and connections are pressure and snoop tested, one-way valves are cleaned and reseated, the vaporizer/flowmeter/tubing suction is tested, the soda lime is checked, the absorber is cleaned, the APL valve is cleaned and tested, and the scavenge system is inspected for leaks. Full report provided.


 Autoclave Service

  Door gasket is checked for cracks and breaks. Vent valve and high-pressure blow-off are verified for function.  Filters are cleaned and changed as needed.  Water reservoir is drained and cleaned.  Cleaning solution used for cycle and water is drained again.  Drain valves and hoses are cleaned and tested.  Temperature and PSI are verified.  Full report provided.


 Microscope Cleaning

 All objectives are removed and cleaned. Eye pieces are removed and cleaned.  All gears are lubricated and cleaned.  Outer case is cleaned.  Light source is cleaned and verified for illumination.  Oil is removed from oil lens.  All moving parts are tightened as required.  Full report provided.


 Dental Machine Service

All hand pieces are lubricated as required.  Compressor oil is changed if not oil-less.  Filters are changed and cleaned as required.  PSI is verified for proper function.  Water lines and air lines are checked for leaks.  Education is provided with staff as needed for proper flush, storage and lubrication procedures. Full report provided. 


Veterinary Equipment Services

Our knowledgeable staff will make sure your equipment is ready to handle your veterinary services properly and safely. If you would like a quote for any of these annual maintenance services, don’t hesitate to contact us at (705)-817-3711. We keep our hours flexible to suit your surgery schedule, and with onsite service, inconvenience will be kept to a minimum. 


We have a full Biomedical division that can repair, calibrate and troubleshoot almost any type of equipment!