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Georgian Anesthesia
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Where dental equipment and solutions meet.

Running a successful dental office and providing your patients with excellent care requires advanced equipment, and this equipment periodically needs maintenance and repairs to continue to support your office and the needs of your patients. At Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp., we offer a complete selection of premium dental equipment, as well as effective, responsive repair and maintenance solutions.

With our ongoing support, your dental practice can reduce equipment emergencies on top of the stress that comes with lost production and patient inconvenience. If you recently started a new practice or expanded to a new office, we can also oversee the entire equipment setup process.

The Trusted

Medical Equipment
Sales and Service

Our ultimate goal is to help you reduce equipment downtime and ensure your dental practice always remains in compliance with industry standards. When the time comes to replace aging equipment, we can provide recommendations, deliver documentation for accrediting agencies, and help your practice with equipment lifecycle planning.

We are your premier source for dental equipment service, maintenance, and repairs, as well as your trusted provider of new equipment solutions. Start a conversation with us today to learn more about how we can support your dental office and improve the way your practice runs with properly functioning, innovative equipment.

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