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Veterinary Anesthesia Equipment Maintenance

It is crucial that you schedule veterinary anesthesia equipment maintenance at least once a year.

Veterinary Anesthesia Equipment Maintenance

There are many things that you own that you need to keep up with regular maintenance if you want them to have a long life and operate reliably. As a veterinarian, that extends beyond the HVAC system and company vehicles to the equipment you rely on every day to treat patients. If you perform surgeries, you need to know that your anesthesia equipment is safe for your patients, and that requires annual veterinary anesthesia equipment maintenance.

At Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp., we don’t just have a wide variety of veterinarian equipment and supplies — we also service them, and that includes a preventative yearly maintenance program for your surgical equipment. Our veterinary anesthesia equipment maintenance is done annually and includes both high-pressure and low-pressure systems.

  • High-Pressure Systems – Your yearly veterinary anesthesia equipment maintenance includes snoop and pressure testing for leaks, cleaning of all connections, and checking the regulator to assure the 50 psi setting. You are given a full report for your records as to what was performed, and we’ll alert you if there is an issue where we recommend replacing the equipment for the safety of your patients.
  • Low-Pressure Systems – For these systems, the hoses and connections are pressure and snoop tested, the one-way valves and APL valve are cleaned, tested, and reseated, we test the vaporizer/flowmeter/tubing suction, we clean the absorber and check the soda lime, and we check the scavenge system for leaks. As is the case with high-pressure systems, we provide a full report and make any necessary recommendations for replacement.

Contact us today with any questions you may have or to schedule veterinary anesthesia equipment maintenance for your veterinary clinic.