Dog Pain Therapy

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Our team offers the equipment you need to provide effective dog pain therapy.

Veterinary Cold Laser TherapyOur team at Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp. has been working in the veterinary medical equipment industry for many years, and we pride ourselves on staying up to date on the latest developments in the field. We want to help veterinarians provide the best care to their patients and to help pet owners take the best care of their animal companions. One item we are happy to be adding to our catalogue is the B-Cure Laser Device, which can be used to provide effective dog pain therapy.

If your dog suffers pain for any reason, from a chronic condition like arthritis to soreness from exercising too much, you can help relieve that pain with one of our laser devices. The B-Cure is a portable, handheld device that emits a low-powered laser beam—the lasers then penetrate your dog’s skin and into its cells, where the light triggers beneficial photochemical effects. Not only is the laser itself completely painless, but the energy from the laser will promote healing in your dog’s cells, effectively relieving its pain. If you are looking for a way to provide dog pain therapy, the B-Cure Laser Device may be the solution you need.

The B Cure Laser Vet

Unlike most of our other veterinary equipment, the B-Cure Laser Device is portable enough, simple enough, and safe enough for home use by pet owners. While we are happy to supply these devices to vet clinics, we are also happy to provide them to dog owners directly, so they can provide the dog pain therapy that their pet needs.