ESU Technology

We offer multiple electrosurgical options, so you can bring ESU technology to your practice for the benefit of your patients.

ESU Technology While the scalpel will likely never completely leave veterinary surgical procedures, many veterinarians agree that ESU technology (electrosurgical unit) offers amazing benefits that can make it a preferred method when controlling hemorrhaging during surgery. While an electrosurgical generator is costlier than a scalpel, the investment can pay for itself in short order while enhancing the level of care you provide to your patients.

Furthermore, here at Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp., we offer many different units, so you can choose the one that meets your needs and budget. The lower-cost model is the DRE Citadel EZ, a multipurpose electrosurgical generator that provides 120 watts of maximum power output and is both monopolar and bipolar capable. It offers coagulation and fulguration modes and comes with numerous safety features, including self-test circuits, discreet outputs, isolated circuitry, audible tones, and neutral electrode monitoring.

If you are looking for additional ESU technology capabilities, you should consider the DRE ASG-300, which offers 300 watts of maximum power output. The 10 blend settings plus cut give you the output you need for even the most demanding procedures. This model provides all the benefits of the Citadel EZ, including the safety features.

Both models never require calibration and come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. You also receive the expertise of our registered medical professionals and the full medical team at DRE to provide service on any of our medical veterinary products. We are here when you need us – both for helping you select the right ESU technology for your facility and to support you with 24-hour emergency call service.