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Our veterinary air purifiers can control odours and help disinfect your indoor spaces.

Veterinary Air Purifiers, Toronto, OntarioA recent focus on indoor air quality has highlighted the need for specialized equipment like veterinary air purifiers. Air purifiers do more than remove odours from the air. They can be a valuable asset to your veterinary clinic as they help disinfect indoor spaces, making it a healthier environment for both your animal patients and the humans who love them and care for them. Your employees will also be healthier when you invest in veterinary air purifiers and provide continuous protection from air-borne pathogens and contaminants.

Our medical-grade veterinary air purifiers come in several different sizes, allowing you to choose the size that fits the room you plan to use them in and your budget. Smaller options are perfect for exam rooms or office spaces. Medium or large units purify the air in larger rooms like waiting rooms or kennel areas. Filter-free units that use ultra-low energy plasma technology are available, as are units with multiple fan speeds. Veterinary air purifiers can be mounted on a stand for easy moving or mounted directly to the wall to save space.

If you need advice about which veterinary air purifiers will best suit your needs at a clinic in or near Toronto, Ontario, give us a call here at Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp. We can advise you about which model suits your needs and budget. We can set up and install your air purifiers and give you onsite training about the use and maintenance of your new air purifiers. We can also provide onsite service if you ever need it. Call today to learn more.

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