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Veterinary equipment calibration ensures the best performance from your essential tools.

The more sensitive and important your veterinary equipment, the more essential it becomes that you have regular veterinary equipment calibration performed by qualified professionals. Also, the more moving parts a piece of equipment has, the more likely it is to need more frequent calibration. At Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp., we are a distributor of DRE new and used veterinary medical equipment, but our services go far beyond simple distribution and include veterinary equipment calibration by our highly qualified registered biomedical team.

Veterinary Equipment Calibration in Vancouver, British Columbia

Regular calibration should be performed at a minimum of once per calendar year but may need to be performed more often depending on your equipment’s age and usage, among other factors. Calibration is especially important for anesthesia equipment and vaporizers, as these items are essential for providing the best possible patient care and for keeping your patients as safe as possible during surgical procedures. Other equipment that needs to be calibrated regularly includes autoclaves, microscopes, and dental machines, among others.

Once your veterinary equipment calibration has been completed, you will receive a full report. This will include a list of all the completed calibrations, as well as the results of our thorough inspection. If there are any repairs needed, they will be listed. If we feel that it is time to consider replacing your equipment, you will receive a list of recommendations about possible replacement units. During your calibration, we will also clean and service your equipment.

If you need veterinary equipment calibration in or near Vancouver, British Columbia, give us a call today.