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With our help, you will always be prepared to offer superior veterinary services to your furry patients.

At Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp., we are much more than a distributor of new and refurbished veterinary medical equipment. We offer a wide range of veterinary services for your equipment, including new clinic setup, regular maintenance, cleaning, and calibration, and even emergency repair services when needed.

Veterinary Services in Vancouver, British Columbia

With our help, you will always be prepared to offer superior veterinary services to your furry patients in Vancouver, British Columbia and beyond. Our veterinary services for your equipment include:

  • Preventative yearly medical equipment maintenance: Get the most out of your investment with regular checkups and calibrations.
  • Vaporizer service: We understand the importance of your vaporizer, which is why we can provide a loaner unit while our registered biomedical team services yours.
  • Equipment selection and setup: From warmers and surgery lights to tables and cabinets, we can help equip your clinic for success and the best possible patient care.
  • Troubleshooting service: We are always standing by to help get your equipment back online.
  • Equipment calibration and cleaning: Ensure proper function with regular equipment checkups.
  • Services for all your equipment: This includes vaporizers, autoclaves, dental machines, and microscopes.

We understand that the needs of each veterinary clinic and practice are different, which is why we offer 85 different products. We can help you look through our catalogue of offerings and decide which equipment best meets your needs and budget. Once your equipment has been expertly set up by our team of technicians, we can train you and your staff about best practices, proper usage, and maintenance needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can enhance your veterinary services.


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