Dog Pain Therapy, Toronto, ON

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Keep your best friend comfortable with new advances in dog pain therapy.

Dog Pain Therapy in Toronto, OntarioIt can be terrible to watch a dog suffering with pain, especially chronic pain that is caused by arthritis or injury. Working dogs can experience soreness and stiff joints from the exercise they get doing their jobs. Aging can also lead to hip dysplasia, weakness in the spine and back, and other chronic pain issues. If you are a veterinary clinic looking to offer dog pain therapy to your patients and their owners, or if you are an individual looking for a solution for chronic pain for your best friend, we want you to know about the B-Cure Laser Device.

While some laser devices used for dog pain therapy can only be used safely by a trained professional in a medical facility setting, the B-Cure Laser Device is a safe, small, handheld device that can be used at a clinic or can be used in the comfort of the dog’s home by their owner. It is simple to use and doesn’t create heat that will injure or damage the skin of the dog. This can be a great solution for dog pain therapy for chronic pain sufferers, because it may not be practical or advisable for a dog to come into the clinic as often as they need to maximize the benefits of their laser therapy.

At Georgia Anesthesia and Medical Corp., we are dedicated to bringing the best veterinary equipment to clinics in and near Toronto, Ontario. From recommendations about single pieces of equipment to complete new clinic setup, we are standing by to help with all your needs.