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Purchase surgical and laboratory microscopes from us.

Veterinary MicroscopesNot every aspect of the care you provide your patients can be seen using the naked eye. When you need magnification in surgical situations to provide better care to a patient, use one of the veterinary microscopes you purchase from us at Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp. We work with established veterinary practices here in the Toronto, Ontario area, as well as new offices that require additional assistance.

Known for its stunning combination of modern technology and classic aesthetics, the DRE Compass LED surgical microscope is one of the veterinary microscopes we proudly offer. Along with its user-friendly functionality, this microscope includes high-performance features to provide sharply focused imaging. It also comes with 6-step magnification capability and an apochromatic lens that improves image depth, contrast, and resolution. Other features include:

  • A 10x wide field eyepiece (with a 12.5x available)
  • A 250mm objective lens (200-400mm also available)
  • Rotatable maneuvering handles
  • Integrated video camera
  • Upgradable assistance scope
  • 20W LED coaxial illuminator

Along with this and other surgical microscopes for your veterinary practice, we offer a wide range of laboratory veterinary microscopes. Options include the EXC-120 series, Compound 3000 LED series, and Compound 3002 series.

We are happy to help you select the right surgical or laboratory microscope for your veterinary practice. For additional information about the veterinary microscopes we offer and what we can do to help your office thrive, contact us at Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp. today.