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We carry an array of veterinary products for your clinic.

Veterinary Products in Barrie, OntarioYour veterinary clinic relies on a variety of veterinary products and equipment, which we are prepared to provide for you here at Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp. Our team has many years of experience providing sales and services for veterinary medical and monitoring equipment, and we’re equipped to provide your clinic with the exceptional veterinary products you need. When you put your trust in us, you can continue to serve the Barrie, Ontario community with your valued services and our range of high-quality veterinary products.

We are a distributor of new and refurbished DRE medical equipment, and we can offer supplies to suit a wide array of needs. You can turn to us for veterinary anesthesia, IV pumps, monitoring equipment, microscopes, scales, surgical and procedure lights, warmers, tables, ventilators, and so much more.

In addition to selling veterinary products, we offer maintenance services for veterinary equipment. This allows vets to keep their equipment in excellent condition and get and prompt solutions before any potential issues arise or worsen. With our careful maintenance services, all your veterinary products can remain functional and perform optimally for their full lifespans. Our team can also recommend replacements and upgrades for your veterinary products, assist you with equipment lifecycle planning, and provide documentation for accrediting agencies.

Allow our team to equip you with the veterinary products your clinic and patients require. All our biomedical technicians are fully trained and have extensive knowledge about all our veterinary products and services. Please turn to us today to learn more or view our range of supplies.

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