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Why is Veterinary Equipment Calibration Necessary?

by | Jan 10, 2022 | Medical & Veterinary Equipment Blog, Veterinary Blog

If you run a veterinary clinic, you likely use various supplies and equipment every day as part of your practice. As with any piece of equipment that is used on a regular basis, your veterinary equipment will need regular maintenance and cleaning. Part of that maintenance process might be calibration. Here are a few reasons why veterinary equipment calibration is a necessary part of the maintenance process.

  • Ensure precision and accuracy: Over time and with regular use, your equipment will face regular wear and tear that could affect its overall accuracy. Such precision and accuracy are needed, especially in medical equipment, to keep it running effectively. A veterinary equipment calibration can help to maintain that precision and accuracy.
  • Ensure the safety of your patients: Along with needing precision and accuracy to keep your equipment running as effectively as possible, it’s also necessary for safety measures. Regular veterinary equipment calibration can help ensure the safety of your patients, so there aren’t any chances of getting the wrong dosage or applying the wrong amount of pressure or techniques.
  • Protect your veterinary clinic: The last reason why veterinary equipment calibration is necessary is because it will help protect you and your clinic from any legality issues. If you keep your equipment properly calibrated and regularly maintained, your clients will have a harder time finding issues with your processes and equipment that could lead to potential legal cases.

Here at Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp., we offer veterinary equipment calibration services to keep your practice running safely and at full capacity. If you’d like to learn more about these services and our other maintenance services, just give us a call.