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The Must-Have Veterinary Monitor from SunTech

by | Jan 10, 2022 | Medical & Veterinary Equipment Blog, Veterinary Blog

Patient monitors are critical for every veterinary clinic. It is impossible to gauge an animal’s health without ways to check and monitor their vitals. One must-have monitor is a blood pressure monitor. SunTech offers the Vet20 automated blood pressure monitor as well as disposable blood pressure cuffs. This company has been producing reliable veterinary monitors for more than twenty years.

The Vet20 can be powered with an optional AC adapter or 4 AA batteries, so you can use it both at your veterinary clinic and out in the field if you offer mobile services. The user-friendly touchscreen interface makes it easy to review and analyze the blood pressure data. One of the goals of any veterinarian is to keep their patient calm. With the motion-tolerant technology and silenceable alarms, you won’t have any trouble meeting that objective. Another benefit of SunTech’s veterinary monitors is that they have an advanced memory feature, so you can obtain an average blood pressure reading. Even if you shut off the machine, the data is retained.

You’ll love the compact size that makes it easy to carry the SunTech Vet20 from one exam room to the next. This is helpful because you won’t need to purchase several veterinary monitors to have one in each room. The algorithms used for these veterinary monitors are animal specific, so you can count on getting accurate measurements without the need to shave your patient or apply a gel.

If you would like to know more about SunTech’s veterinary monitors, reach out to us at Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp. We are happy to go over the benefits of using the Vet20 blood pressure monitor for all your companion animal patients.