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The Best Ways to Integrate New Medical Equipment at Your Veterinary Clinic

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Medical & Veterinary Equipment Blog, Veterinary Blog

Building, setting up, and opening a new veterinary clinic comes with a host of challenges, particularly when it comes to selecting and installing the right medical equipment. To ensure the medical equipment you purchase and integrate lives out its intended investment, follow these guidelines during the selection process:

  • Study the trends—Consider where the veterinary industry is headed and what type of technologies your clinic requires to keep up. For example, green trends, like energy conservation and water reduction strategies, continue to gain popularity, so consider implementing them during your project’s early planning stages.
  • Make informed decisions—This may seem obvious, but it is an essential concept to consider. The medical equipment you choose will impact your floor plan, so determine which equipment is most important and relevant early on.
  • Anticipate expansion—Veterinary practices evolve as veterinary technology changes. To anticipate future growth and encourage expansion, allow your floor plan to provide room for change. For instance, you may want to plan your plumbing system to eventually extend the lines or oversize your building’s existing electrical capacity.
  • Avoid overcomplication—Focus on prioritizing your medical equipment decisions. We recommend starting with the larger pieces of equipment your practice requires and then filling in the gaps with smaller, more individualized pieces.
  • Seek advice—As a supplier of all kinds of medical equipment for veterinary practices, we can offer our advice on which types of equipment are most important and how to seamlessly integrate them with your facility. Contact us today!