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Must-Have Medical Equipment for Your Veterinary Clinic

by | Apr 27, 2018 | Medical & Veterinary Equipment Blog, Veterinary Blog

When someone brings their beloved pet to you, they want to know that you’ll be able to quickly diagnose and treat the condition. The more services you can handle in-house, the more effective you’ll be, and that will permit you to give the answers they seek quickly. Here are suggestions for medical equipment you should consider for your new or established veterinary clinic.

  • X-Ray Equipment – Some of your patients won’t be ill. Instead they will have had an accident, and you’ll need to quickly determine what has been damaged. An ideal option is a reliable and robust digital radiography x-ray system that will give you quality images at low x-ray doses.
  • Ultrasound Equipment – Whether you go with a digital ultrasound system or color doppler version, you’ll be ready to check for interior issues resulting from accident or illness. These units are easy to transport from one exam room to another, so you won’t need to have one in every room.
  • Microscopes – Don’t skimp when selecting a microscope for your clinic. Look for outstanding optical performance and illumination. Ease of viewing can be a real plus, as well.
  • Surgical Equipment – If you plan to conduct surgical procedures, you’ll need a wide variety of things such as anesthesia equipment, a surgery table, IV pumps, a respiratory ventilator, monitors, suction, surgical lights, and warming units.

If you need help selecting the right medical equipment for your practice, give us a call at Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp. Our knowledgeable staff will help you determine which items you need and the model that will give you the best results.