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Key Reasons to Invest in Veterinary Warming Units

by | Feb 9, 2024 | Medical & Veterinary Equipment Blog

Veterinary warming units help patients stay warm and comfortable as they recover from surgeries or deal with anxiety in your facility. Investing in veterinary warming units is just one great way to take your vet clinic to the next level and show your clients how much you care for their beloved pets.

In this blog, our team here at Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp will briefly discuss some benefits of adding veterinary warming units to your facility. Here are just a few key reasons to consider these helpful tools:

  • Improve Comfort – Veterinary warming units are specifically designed to maintain a cozy, consistent environment after different procedures. As pets wake up after undergoing anesthesia, veterinary warming units ensure they’ll wake up in a warm and soothing space, which can help reduce anxiety.
  • Maintain Pets’ Body Temperature – In some surgical procedures, hypothermia is a very real possibility. When animals undergo anesthesia, their core temperature can drop. A warming unit makes it easier for veterinarians to maintain each animal’s body temperature, which can also lead to better results and faster recovery.
  • Reduce Stress – Many pets become frightened and nervous in veterinary clinics. Being in a warm, comfortable environment can help reduce anxiety levels and reduce the chances of an animal lashing out or acting aggressively due to fear.
  • Care for Critical Patients – When you’re responsible for caring for very young animals or injured animals, providing a secure and comfortable space is paramount. Veterinary warming units can allow you to set precise temperatures required for these vulnerable animals to survive.