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Accessories Veterinary Tables Shouldn’t be Without

by | Nov 25, 2019 | Medical & Veterinary Equipment Blog, Veterinary Blog

Operating a veterinary clinic is enjoyable, but also definite hard work! In order to best service your patients as well as their owners, you need to have access to everything that you need to run a veterinary clinic, including some veterinary tables and appropriate accessories. If you are starting a new veterinary practice or considering moving your veterinary practice, our team here at Georgian Anesthesia and Medical Corp. has a few accessories that we think veterinary tables shouldn’t be without. Here are just a few examples of these must-have accessories that we believe will make your practice function smoother.

  • Lateral Positioners
  • Limb Holders
  • Table Traction Device
  • Quick Release Tie-down Cleat
  • IV Pole Mount
  • Insert for OP-system
  • Arm Rests (for Ophthalmology procedures)
  • Belt with Tension Clamps
  • Narcotic Bow
  • Medical Kick Bucket & Frame
  • Rail Extension
  • Tilting Stainless Steel Dish & Grid
  • Table Rails
  • Extension Poles

These accessories are all built with a specific purpose in mind for a variety of medical procedures. Each of these accessories can help to streamline the process and procedures of any of your veterinary procedures, making them easier on both you and your team as well as your patients. When you are working with the right equipment on and surrounding your veterinary tables, you will find it is easier to complete surgical procedures and examinations without stressing your patient or yourself. Additionally, you will be able to do so more efficiently with the right types of accessories for your veterinary tables. To learn more about veterinary tables and accessories, please contact us today!