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Portable Digital Veterinary Ultrasound System

Light weight, portable and easy to use

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7” LCD Monitors
Pseudo Colours 9
Rechargeable Built-in Battery
365 Frames Bidirectional Cine-loop
Dimensions: 9.8” W x 3.94” L x 7.28” H, 5.5 lbs
Abundant Software Package
Professional Software Packages for Veterinary Use:


Canine – GW, EDCB (GSD, CRL, HD, BD)
Feline – GW, EDCB (HD, BD)
Sheep – GW, EDCB (CRL)
Swine – GW, EDCB (HL, SL)
Bovine – GW, EDCB (CRL, BBD, BTD, BUD)
Equine – GW, EDCB (GSD, ERD, ESD, EED)
Llama – GW, EDCB (BPD)