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USA E8 Veterinary Centrifuge

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The USA E8 Centrifuge is a fixed-angle system with an eight-tube capacity. It features a quiet, vibration free operation, and provides accurate speeds for specific g-forces.

Options for the USA E8 Centrifuge include the E8 Combo Digital, E8 Combo Variable, E8 Economy Digital, or the E8 Economy Variable.

The USA E8 Centrifuge is available through DRE Veterinary. Contact a DRE representative today for additional information.


  • Angled rotor with an eight-tube capacity
  • Clear view port in lid
  • Lid safety shut-off switch
  • Auto-brake to stop the rotor in less than thirty seconds
  • Suction-cupped feet to prevent slipping
  • 110/220v auto-switching power adapter
  • 12-volt DC maintenance-free motor
  • Short height for easier storage
  • Auto-calibrating speed function for precise results