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Universal Centrifuge

Inexpensive centrifuges ideal
for general purposes

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The DRE Universal Centrifuge provides a laboratory test in field of biochemistry, microbe immunity genetics, blood separation and also a general clinic test to hematocrit value (HCT), which defines the percentage of Red blood Cells against the whole body reflecting the status of Red Blood Cells. This centrifuge may be used to detect the percentage of anemia or polycythemia.

The DRE Universal Centrifuge comes with the choice of a LED digital timer or a mechanical timer to meet your requirement in cost.


Safety locking latch and inter switch shut out motor automatically when lid is opened during spinning, and also prevents the centrifuge from starting accidentally while loading.
Operate in a various speed control by turning the control knob from 0 to 12000 rpm for PLC-012 series, while 0 – 3500 rpm for PLC-024, varied with the corresponding types of rotors. Used all purposes sustains to separate substance, remove moisture or simulate gravitational effects.
Molded stainless steel chamber for PLC-012, PLC-012E and PLC-025 easy for clean. Durable cabinet in constructed of heavy gauge steel with powder coating ensures scratch free and erosion free.
High efficient motor accelerates to the maximum speed and brakes to complete stop gently in 20 seconds.
RoHS complaint is also available upon request for extra cost.
Air intake holds in the cap help keep centrifuge cool during the extended use.
Various rotors used fitted in one centrifuge to meet your requirements saves your cost.
Rotor changes are fast and simple with the quick-release rotor nut with an attached hexagon wrench.
Modular electronic circuit easy for handling and maintenance.
?Press toggle switch and Brake to the complete stop within 15 – 20 seconds.