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The Avante Torino EXL automatic operating table is an excellent choice for use in a variety of operations. A micro touch remote control operates the quiet electric motors, flexible adjustments of the head, back, and seat plates, and the built-in kidney bridge. The Torino EXL features long horizontal sliding, C-arm and x-ray access.



  • C-arm and X-ray interface capabilities to meet imaging requirements
  • Micro touch remote control with low noise movements
  • Flexible adjustments on head plate, back plate, seat plat and built-in kidney bridge
  • Quiet and reliable electric motors
  • Stainless steel design for excellent stability


  • Anesthesia screen
  • Shoulder support, 1 pair
  • Body support, 1 pair
  • Arm support, 1 pair
  • Leg support, 1 pair
  • Foot plate, 1 pair


  • General:

    Length/width: 2070 mm/550 mm; 81.5 in/21.7 in
    Elevation (down/up): 700 mm/1,000 mm; 27.6 in/39.4 in
    Trendelenburg: 25°
    Lateral tilt (left, right): 15°
    Head plate (up/down): 45°/90°
    Leg plate (up/down/outward): 15°/90°/90°
    Back plate (up/down): 75°/20°
    Kidney bridge up: 110 mm; 4.3 in
    Horizontal sliding: 300 mm; 11.8 in
    Power: 220 V, 50 Hz, 1 Kw


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