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SunTech Vet20 Automated Blood Pressure Monitor

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The SunTech Vet20 is a convenient, automated blood pressure monitor for companion animals.

The SunTech Vet20 is a portable, convenient blood pressure monitor designed specifically for use with companion animals. With unique motion-tolerant technology and silenceable alarms, clinicians can easily use the SunTech V20 while keeping the animal relaxed. The monitor weighs less than one pound, allowing the Vet20 to be easily carried from room to room within your facility.

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  • Motion-tolerant technology provides more reliable blood pressure readings than industry competitors.
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface allows clinicians to easily review and analyze blood pressure data.
  • Specifically developed to be used with companion animals.
  • Silenceable alarms help to keep animals calm.
  • Battery-powered device can be easily transported.
  • Advanced memory allows for data retention when the device is powered off.
  • Select specific measurements from device memory to perform automated blood pressure averaging.
  • Optional ? AC adapter, veterinary cuffs.