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Son-Mate II Scaler/Polisher Combination

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At the touch of the switch, alternate from scaling to polishing plus a variety of other operations. You can perform curettage, deep scaling of heavy calculus and stain removal. Optional drilling and cutting accessories available.


  • Scaler handpiece
  • Stack (Transducer) inserted in the handpiece
  • Assorted Tips
  • Tip wrench
  • Water line with quick disconnect attached
  • Powercord grounded for safety
  • One foot control for both scaling and polishing mode.
  • 35,000 RPM Micromotor with variable speed, precision balanced for low vibration/low noise.
  • From 200 RPMHigh Torque Micromotor
  • Forward/Reverse switch
  • Straight handpiece, user friendly, autoclavable
  • Prophy angle for snap on rubber cups, autoclavable
  • Starter kit with 10 rubber and 10 prophy paste cups
  • Rubber rest for handpiece
  • Owner’s and Technique manual