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The Avante SLS 2500 LED Mobile Lighting System is a compact system. The shadowless lamps provide color temperature close to natural sunlight with 3,500 k ~ 5,000 k, reflecting the actual colors of human tissue.



  • Dimming knob located on the side of the lighthead for quick and easy adjustments.
  • The Avante SLS 2500 is now available as a ceiling mount! Ask your representative for details.
  • Universal arm system provides maximum adjustment range, suitable for any operating room.
  • Arm is made of nova alloy for a strong light weight structure, convenient operation and accurate positioning.
  • Lighthead is totally enclosed with a streamlined design, complying with sterilizing and laminar flow cleaning requirements in all kinds of operating rooms.
  • Multipath light ensures that a single damaged LED in one path will not affect operation.

General Specifications

  • Illumination Intensity (lux): ≤ 60,000
  • Color Temperature (k): 3,500 ~ 5,000
  • CRI – Color Rendering Index: 85-95
  • Available Color: Creme
  • Diameter of Light Spot: 7 in
  • Illumination Depth: 23.5 in
  • Power (w): 20


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