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Rodent Nose Cone/Face Masks: for Mice and Rats

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Rodent face masks are made from clear acrylic and fit all non-rebreathing systems.
The diaphragms on these masks seal the mask around the face of the rodent and reduce the amount of anesthetic gases that may leak into the room. Face mask diaphragms are made from 12 mil thick latex and openings can be cut in the diaphragm to accommodate rodents of different sizes. All masks include extra diaphragm material.

Available Options:

  • Weanling mice: X-small nose cone is 17mm diameter, 19mm deep
  • Up to 150g: Small nose cone is 25mm diameter, 19mm deep
  • 150 to 200g: Medium nose cone is 38mm diameter, 28.5mm deep
  • 200 to 350g: Large nose cone is 44mm diameter, 38mm deep
  • 350+g: X-Large nose cone is 51mm diameter, 44mm deep