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Pulmonetic LTV-1000 Respiratory Ventilator

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DRE has partnered with Pulmonetic Systems to bring Pulmonetic’s flagship product, the LTV 1000 ventilator, to Veterinarians and Animal Research Professionals. The LTV 1000 is the size of a laptop computer and works on the majority of companion animals. The LTV 1000 does not require medical air as it draws in and compresses room air for blending. DRE offers this unique ventilator complete with graphics display, stand, and a one-year warranty. Model available new or refurbished.

Features & Benefits

  • Includes: Volume Control, Pressure Control, Pressure Support, Assist Control, SIMV, CPAP Modes, Variable Flow Triggering, Static Compliance measurement, and Auto PEEP measurement.
  • Ease of Use
    • Extensive patient monitoring capabilities and a comprehensive alarms package for optimum patient care.
    • One-button operation
  • Patient Comfort
    • Variable Rinse Time
    • Variable Sensitivity Flow Trigger
    • Variable Flow Termination
    • Variable Time Termination
    • Leak Compensation
    • NPPV Mode
    • High Pressure Alarm Delay.
  • Internal Oxygen Blending: An internal oxygen blending system for control of FIO2, whether connected to a high or low pressure O2 source.
  • New or Refurbished

Available Options

  • Versatile Power Options
    • AC Power
    • LTV Transport Battery System
    • LTV Universal Power Supply
    • 3-Hour External Battery
    • 9-Hour External Battery
    • Automobile Lighter Adapter
  • LTM Graphics Monitor Package – #11000
  • Universal Power Supply – #14546-001
  • Floor Stand – #10611
  • Utility Basket – #11450
  • Long Crossbar – #11452
  • Circuit Support Arm – #11501
  • Humidifier Pole – #11453
  • Oxygen Canister Ring Set – #11455
  • UPS Mounting Bracket – #15009-001