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OC-4V Oxygen Concentrator

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The ON2 Oxygen Concentrator (OC) is specifically engineered for Veterinary medical oxygen gas generation. The OC-4V is designed to produce an uninterrupted supply of 20 litres/min of 95% oxygen (+/-1%) at 50 PSI. Oxygen Concentrators offer unmatched reliability and operating efficiency. All ON2 Veterinary Systems utilize on-demand technology to increase the longevity of the OC. ON2 Oxygen Concentrator Systems are in compliance with all National Standards for use with Veterinary medical gas pipeline systems. An ON2 Veterinary Oxygen Concentrator is the perfect SOLUTION for any Veterinary practice.

The ON2 Advantage

  • No waiting for critical deliveries
  • Reliable uninterrupted source of supply
  • Completely self-contained
  • Increased safety inherent in design
  • 24/7 technical phone support
  • Plug and Play operation
  • Automatically starts and stops, on demand
  • Compact and mobile to fit in any facility layout
  • CRN registration of pressure vessels and fittings

Standard Package

  • OC-4V Oxygen Concentrator
    • Sound Level 60dB
    • Flow capacity 20 LPM
    • Concentration 95% (+/- 1%)
    • O2 Storage Tank 30 gallons at 90psi
  • Operating Temp +10 / +40C
  • Power Requirement 15A/120V
  • Automatic start/stop as per facility demand
  • Alarm Indicators: Service Alarm, Alarm Reset
  • Ready light indicates system is full and supply ready