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Non-Powered Therapeutic Stretcher Pads

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Our state of the art line of Non-Powered Therapeutic Stretcher Pads are built to suit the needs of any patient and their caregiver. Pressure ulcers result from prolonged pressure that cuts off the blood supply to the skin, causing the skin and other tissue to die. The damage may occur in as little as 12 hours and may go unnoticed until the skin begins to break down, days later. This is where the Amico stretcher pads plays an important role in your decision for ulcer prevention. With surface modification technologies, our line of foam pads provide unsurpassed pressure redistribution.

Standard Features

  • Multi-layered and zoned foam improves pressure distribution and relieves pressure from anatomically high risk areas of the body
  • High density foam with superior envelopment provides comfort to the patient
  • Vapour permeable, fluid-proof and easy-to-clean cover
  • 2-way stretch cover minimizes the risk of shear and friction (available with a 4-way stretch cover upon request)
  • Anti-skid strips prevent shifting of the mattress when it is placed on the stretcher frame
  • Lightweight design allows for easy caregiver functionality

  • 3″ Pressure Map

  • 4″ Pressure Map