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Mortara ELI 280 ECG Machine

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The Burdick/Welch Allyn ELI 280 ECG is a portable and easy to use 12-Lead resting EKG machine which helps medical professionals in diagnosing and monitoring heart conditions by recording the electrical activity of the heart at rest. This affordable machine offers accurate and reliable pediatric & adult ECG interpretations and full-size printouts, that can greatly help in properly diagnosing and treating the patient.

High Quality & Innovative Design: With its 10.1″ high-resolution color touchscreen LCD, the ELI 280 Resting Electrocardiograph offers a display that can show up to 12 leads of ECG data for an easier review and diagnosis. This widescreen helps in improving the navigation process, data entry, electrode connection verification and overall function of the ECG machine. Lightweight and portabIe, the ELI 280 is perfect for hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities.

This ECG machine has the Mortara Veritas interpretation algorithm, that features usage of age and gender specific criteria to help in providing a more accurate ECG data result. It weighs 13.9 lbs, with 15.55” L x 17” W x 4” H, and can be used with its rechargeable battery or with a power supply.

Accurate & Reliable Machine: The ELI 280 ECG has the Best 10 Technology, which features an automatic selection of ECG signal, and displays the best 10 seconds of data from the five-minute segment of internal full-disclosure. This helps in reducing errors and provides a more accurate data results. The 280 ECG machine has a sampling rate of 40,000 samples per second per channel, which can produce a high-quality diagnostic result, perfect for a reliable and accurate pacemaker detection.

Effective Information Exchange: With the benefits of Bi-Directional Communication via USB, USB Memory Stick, Internal Modem, LAN or Wireless LAN, the ELI 280 ECG allows user to experience the benefits of hassle-free connectivity to Mortara’s E-Scribe and as well as third party PACS systems via PDF, XML, UNIPRO32, and DICOM. It can also communicate to Mortara’s ECG Safe, a cloud service that provides easy access to PDF reports and functions as an effective way of storing ECG results for convenient viewing and file management from anywhere.