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The Avante Milano P50 is a fully electric podiatry table that features a unique, split-leg design. By using the standard foot pedal, operators can adjust each individual leg section as well as the chair’s height, backrest and Trendelenburg positioning.

Sleek, European design features offer clinicians a streamlined, updated look to any podiatry suite. The table’s small footprint takes up minimal space, and both the base and mattress covers are easy to clean. Made of latex free, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic materials.



  • 5 Independent Electronic Movements: Height, Backrest, Individual Leg Rests, Trendelenburg
  • 180° Chair Rotation: Unique swivel feature for convenient access to patient area
  • Unique automatic reset control returns chair back to the original position
  • Foot pedal adjusts height, leg rests, backrest and Trendelenburg
  • ABS covering for sleek, streamlined design
  • Available with handset remote control
  • Chair lowers to 21 inches for patient accessibility
  • Sleek system with a small footprint
  • Adjustable, removable headrest

Optional Accessories

  • Foot tray
  • Fabric leg rest covering
  • Separated leg and foot supports
  • Heating system
  • Footrest extension cushion
  • Pedicure basin with frame
  • Manicure bowl
  • Paper roll holder


  • Physical Dimensions:

    Mattress length: 64″ (162 cm) | 79″ (201 cm) with extended leg rest
    Mattress width: 24″ (62 cm)
    Net weight: 168 lbs. (76 kg)
    Maximum weight capacity: 441 lbs. (200 kg)

  • Chair Movements:

    Minimum height: 21″ (54 cm)
    Maximum height: 41″ (104 cm)
    Angle of inclination Trendelenburg: 25°
    Angle of inclination backrest: 75°
    Angle of inclination leg rest: 90°
    Rotation: 90° on both sides

  • Voltage: 230V / 110V AC
  • Voltage: 50/60 Hz


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