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A highly-adjustable, affordable chair for modern practices
The Avante Milano D20 is a highly versatile procedure chair perfect for dental procedures, implantology, orthodontics, ENT, facial procedures, examinations, diagnostics and minor surgeries. Using the handset remote or foot controls, operators can adjust the chair’s height, backrest, seat rest and leg rest.

The Milano D20 comes standard with an articulating headrest, wheeled base and medical accessory guides. Multiple color options are available. For more information on the Milano D20 Dental Procedure Chair, contact an Avante representative today.



  • Four Independent Electronic Movements: Height, Backrest, Leg Rest and Seat Rest.
  • One Synchronized Electric Movement: Backrest / Leg Rest.
  • One Manual Movement: Leg Rest Extension.
  • Convenient automatic reset control returns chair to its original position.
  • Articulating headrest can be adjusted for a variety of procedures.
  • Wheeled base for moving the chair throughout your facility.
  • Leg rest lowers to 90 degrees, allowing patients to easily enter and exit the chair.
  • Hand set and foot panel controls.
  • Constructed with latex-free, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic materials.
  • Protective ABS plastic covering.
  • Stitchless upholstery available in a variety of colors.
  • Sleek system with a small footprint.
  • Provided with medical accessories guides on the backrest.
  • Optional Accessories: paper roll holder, thigh supports, IV rod, etc.


  • Dimensions:

    Chair height: 21 to 33 in
    Mattress width: 22.8 in
    Mattress length: 61.6 in


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