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INVIVO Precess MRI Monitor 3160

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Accurate, continuous, and reliable performance.

The INVIVO Precess MRI Monitor 3160 combines the latest wireless communication, radio frequency shielding, digital signal processing, and adaptable mounting technologies to assist technicians with monitoring patient vital signs.

The INVIVO Precess MRI Patient Monitoring System is available refurbished through DRE Veterinary. For more information, contact your DRE representative today.


  • Consists of a Wireless Processing Unit, Patient Connection Unit, Display Controller Unit, Wireless ECG Module, and a Wireless SpO2 Module.
  • Allows simultaneous processing and display of up to eight parameters, six waveforms and associated numeric values.
  • Eight hour battery life
  • Wireless DCU monitor
  • Color LCD display, 800 x 600 pixels
  • Optional: CRD Printer with wireless remote printing.