HUG-U-VAC Head Positioner

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Product Description:
The HUG-U-VAC Head Positioner provides precise head positioning to increase your clinical efficiency.
A necessity for dental and eye procedures.
Designed in conjunction with a veterinary Ophthalmologist for exacting head positioning.
The HUG-U-VAC Head Positioner uses vacuum technology to create secure positioning for:
● Dental procedures
● Eye procedures
● Head & Neck procedures
Product Features
● Radiolucent and can be used for Xray, CT and MRI imaging.
● Conforms to the contours of the head and neck
● Prevents pressure sores
● Radiolucent
● Does not impede cervical venous outflow – improves hemostasis
● Easily cleaned
● Fits any size head
● Suitable for procedures in the ventral, dorsal or lateral position