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High-Temperature Fine Tip Cautery by Bovie – (Box 10)

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High-Temperature Fine Tip Cautery by Bovie

Individually packaged sterile, 10 per box.

  • Fine Tip

  • 2200 F | 1204 C


  • Fine Tip (AA01 -AA11 -AA25) used for pinpoint hemostasis and for evacuation of a subungal hematoma.

  • Fine tip high-temperature cauteries are routinely used in cardiovascular, thoracic, occuloplastic, orthopaedic and hand surgery procedures where precise hemostasis is required. Also excellent for evacuation of subungal hematoma. Micro versions are manufactured with AAA alkaline batteries for lighter weight and smaller diameter tubes.

  • Sterile, Maneuverable, Disposable, Cost Effective, Cordless, Pressure Sensitive Switch, Light Weight

Aaron manufactures more cauteries than anyone in the world. Therefore, Aaron has the ability to put the right cautery in the physician’s hand regardless of the procedure.

The patented (US Patent #5,688,265) Aaron RAM™ high-temperature cauteries combine faster from zero to full temperature plus a four-year shelf life. These cauteries, manufactured in the USA, are quite simply the best ever made! All cauteries are individually packaged sterile, ten per shelf pack.