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GE Logiqbook Portable Ultrasound Machine

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DRE Veterinary carries professionally refurbished ultrasound machines. Many models available to meet your specific needs. Please consult with one of our representatives to have a system configured to your liking.

The GE Logiqbook provides full ultrasound capabilities in a pound, hand-carried, batter-powered scanner. This portable unit is small enough to carry around in some type of briefcase thus allowing the veterinarian to provide diagnostic ultrasound to patients virtually anywhere. This unit is based on GE's advanced TruScan architecture.


  • Portable
  • Color and power doppler
  • PW Doppler
  • B, M, and PDI mode
  • DICOM capacity
  • Full calculation packages with reporting and archiving
  • Raw data digital processing
  • Batter operated
  • Full-sized monitor
  • Auto tissue optimization
  • Auto spectral optimization

Key questions to think about when purchasing a Vascular Ultrasound System:

  • What frequency do I need for the probes?
  • Are there any applications other than vascular required?
  • Do I need DICOM?
  • Is the portable or stand-alone on wheels best for my needs?
  • What type of budget am I working with for this ultrasound machine?