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GE Logiq 9 Ultrasound Machine

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DRE Veterinary carries professionally refurbished ultrasound machines.  Many models available to meet your specific needs.  Please consult with one of our representatives to have a system configured to your liking.

The GE Logiq 9, GE’s premier ultrasound system, provides for excellence in image quality and design.  It’s multi-dimensional imaging allows for superior quality and it’s ergonomic design provides increased comfort and productivity.


  • Shared Service System
  • 3-D digital processing and manipulation
  • Color and Power Doppler
  • B, B/M, M-Mode
  • Harmonic Imaging
  • DICOM output w/ image
  • 4 wheel swivel with front break lock
  • State of the art user interface allows for single-hand operation
  • Moveable flat screen monitor


  • Weight:  515 lbs
  • Height:  64″
  • Depth:  39″
  • Width:  24″

Key questions to think about when purchasing a Vascular Ultrasound System:

  • What frequency do I need for the probes?
  • Are there any applications other than vascular required?
  • Do I need DICOM?
  • Is the portable or stand-alone on wheels best for my needs?
  • What type of budget am I working with for this ultrasound machine?