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ExorVision Monitor

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Calibrated Grayscale
Every DENclarity monitor has finely calibrated grayscale levels. This allows dentists to see a higher level of detail in X-rays by showing the finer sublties in the different shades of gray. High Brightness.

DENclarity dental monitors are low voltage. This helps promote a safe environment for both patients and staff.
DENclarity monitors have a lumen level of 440 cd/m². This allows dentists to see X-rays more clearly and make more accurate diagnosis.

Watertight Screen
Unlike monitors which get a yellow tint from trapped moisture, the watertight DENclarity screen can be easily disinfected for a clean and sanitary surface.

TV Functionality
Every DENclarity monitor comes with a built-in TV option, so patients can relax during their appointment and watch a TV program. This can help reduce patient anxiety and provide a more positive patient experience.

Remote Control
With a remote control, dentists can easily transition between X-rays, dual monitor screens, patient charts, or a TV screen for a seamless workflow.