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Equine Digital Floor Scale

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The Equine Digital Floor scale measures an above average capacity of 3,000 pounds. Although mainly used for weighing horses, this scale can be used for other heavy animals such as cattle, pigs, etc. The low profile scale provides an abundant amount of room so that the horse will feel comfortable enough to walk on and stand still while being weighed.


  • Accuracy– 0.3% of full load
  • Capacity– 3,000 lb x 1 lb (1,500 kg x 0.5 kg)
  • Hold Function– Ideal for single user weighing
  • Plywood Top Option– Easy on animal hooves (not included)
  • Versatile– Multitude of weighing jobs: equestrian weighing, shipping, and receiving bulk containers
  • Battery– Remote location operation
  • Detachable ABS Plastic Indicator– Convenient battery charging
  • Auto Off– For saving power during down time
  • Durable– Designed for rigorous applications