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DRE Wireless Equine DR X-Ray System

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Acquire high-quality images in the field with the DRE Wireless DR X-Ray System, a perfect choice for equine practitioners. Like other DRE X-Ray systems, the unit is one of the most compact on the market ? saving your facility valuable floor space.

The DRE Wireless Equine DR X-Ray system includes a flat panel imaging unit, workstation server computer with software, and a high-frequency x-ray generator. The DRE line of x-ray equipment can simplify your facility?s entire imaging process: acquisition, diagnosis, storage, transfer, and maintenance. Speak with a DRE representative today for more information on our complete line of veterinary x-ray equipment.



  • Wireless radiography detector with dual band wireless transmission.
  • Acquisition and transfer of images within five seconds.
  • X-ray panel features rubber seals to absorb impact and waterproof the panel?s aluminum alloy unibody enclosure.
  • Provides excellent imaging, quality, accuracy, reproducibility, and long-term stability.
  • Innovative ultra-light, high-frequency portable x-ray system.
  • Ecotron EPX Generator available in two configurations: EPX-F1600 or EPX-F2800.
  • Generator features easy-to-use operating console, allowing clinicians to easily select and change x-ray parameters.
  • Fast kV rising time minimizes unnecessary patient doses and creates superior image quality.
  • State-of-the-art software for x-ray image acquisition, processing and optimizations.
  • Less patient stress, increased image diagnostic information & manipulation with less patient movement.
  • Less expensive to operate than older model x-ray units.
  • No odors or hazardous waste materials.
  • Elimination of film processing for safe and easy operation.