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DRE Wireless DR X-Ray System

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The DRE Wireless DR X-Ray System is an ideal choice for practices who need a dependable, mobile veterinary x-ray unit at an affordable price. Like other DRE X-ray systems, this unit is one of the most compact on the market — saving your facility valuable floor space.

The DRE Wireless DR X-Ray System includes a flat panel imaging unit, workstation server computer with software, a mobile x-ray exam table and a high-frequency x-ray generator. The DRE line of x-ray equipment can simplify your facility’s entire imaging process: acquisition, diagnosis, storage, transfer and maintenance. Speak with a DRE representative today for more information on our complete line of veterinary x-ray equipment.


  • Wireless, 14 x 17 inch flat panel imaging unit
  • DRE Standard X-Ray Table
  • DRE Mixed Practice X-Ray Generator
  • Workstation server computer, desktop or laptop
  • Full-featured imaging software
  • Interface cabling
  • Technique charts, guides, etc.


  • A complete, high-performance imaging system at an affordable price.
  • For use with both large and small patients in your clinic.
  • Compact system is one of the smallest self-contained units on the market.
  • Elimination of film processing for safe and easy operation.
  • Less expensive to operate than older model x-ray units.
  • Better reliability — consistent and repetitive high-quality images.
  • Faster, almost immediate real time image display
  • Increased image diagnostic information and manipulation for less patient stress.
  • Image manipulation: zoom, contrast, tilt, color, special filters, archiving, etc.
  • Comprehensive toolkit allows users to adjust grayscale window and levels.
  • Archival, long-term storage and retrieval capabilities.
  • Large storage capacity saves up to 50,000 images for easy accessibility.
  • Transmits images using DICOM format to any DICOM-based archiving system.
  • Table available with apron / glove rack and flip down table extender as additional options.