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DRE Waveline Pro Veterinary Anesthesia Monitor

O.R. monitor provides superior flexibility and performance — Now with Masimo SET® Pulse Oximetry!

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Superior flexibility and performance with a premium flat panel display is found in DRE’s newest version of the Waveline monitor series. The DRE Waveline Pro can be used on small, medium, or large animals. An applicable monitor for veterinary surgical suites and research facilities — Now with Masimo SET® Pulse Oximetry!

The DRE Waveline Pro displays as many as eight colorful waveforms on a crisp 15” high resolution display. It is lightweight, portable and measures multiple parameters, including ECG (3 or 5 lead) with ST segment monitoring, resp., dual temp., Masimo SpO2 and NIBP. Configurations are available that measure capnography, dual channel IBP, and anesthetic agents (five agents, Auto ID, N2O, FiO2 and Sidestream EtCO2), and that have a built-in thermal printer.

Multiple Configurations Available:

Standard Parameters: ECG, Masimo Pulse Oximetry, 2 x Temperature, NIBP, Respiration, and Printer
Optional Parameters: Invasive Blood Pressures, CO2 (Mainstream or Sidestream) and Drager Built-in Anesthetic Agent Module
Comes with standard veterinary accessories


  • EtCO2 (mainstream or sidestream) (Respironics)
  • Multi-lead simultaneous ECG monitoring
  • Automatically set alarm limits
  • New for 2015! Masimo SET® Pulse Oximetry — ask your DRE representative for details
  • Graphical and tabular trending
  • Color-coded alarms
  • Patient data entry
  • Battery backup (two removable batteries)
  • Built-in thermal recorder
  • Networking capability
  • Large (15”), high resolution flat panel display
  • Available with a built-in thermal printer