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User-friendly and affordable. Veterinary practice management system at its best.


  • Affordable – There is no need for servers, specific types of workstations or expensive software licenses.  
  • One monthly charge per veterinarian (all other staff members are free). 
  • Medical Charts/Histories – Recording medical records is incredibly intuitive to use due to our chart templates and unified patient profile. 
  • Appointment Scheduler – Powerful and highly customizable; DRE's software lets you schedule for users or resources any way you want. 
  • Inventory – Manage, receive, edit and reorder inventory with incredible ease. 
  • Point of Sale System – Seamlessly integrated with charting, inventory and financials makes life easier, work faster and fewer missed charges. 
  • Document Management – Easily attach any document or image to a patient’s record without size constraints. 
  • Accessible from anywhere – DRE's Management Software is cloud based so you can work from anywhere, anytime. 
  • Unlimited storage – There are no limits the number of patients or storage that your practice can use. 
  • iPad/tablet ready – Run your entire practice from an iPad/tablet.  No scaled down apps or chopped up functionality.  
  • Data conversions available – Already using a system? Let us know and we can convert your data to DRE Practice Management Software. 

Additional Features: 

  • Disaster recovery provided
  • Offsite Backup management included
  • Generate reminders (including postcards)
  • Detailed reports and business intelligence tools

All support and training is included


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