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?Unequaled clean, bright and focused portable light.?

Most examination headlights are simply bright flashlights mounted on a headband. The Halogen III series applies our advanced High Beam TriLens technology into a portable headlight. The result is an unequaled clean, bright, adjustable and well focused large spot of light.

Our Halogen III affords two hours of portable use time with the BFW? ECOPAC? rechargeable battery. Recharge ECOPAC? up to 500 times, or use the Halogen III with our specifi cally engineered AC plug-in transformer.

Choose our form-fitted, sturdy and dual-adjustable Classic headband, or our soft Breath-O-Prene® Sport headband.

Halogen III is also available in a through-the-lens, true coaxial format. The True View is fi tted with our mechanically advanced swivel to let you position the optic over your dominant eye. A tunnel centered through our True View optic results in undeviating, shadow-free vision with excellent light reaching deep into any body cavity.

The Halogen III and is available with the following options:

  • Transformer (110V or 220/240V)
  • ECOPAC(TM) 2-Hour Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Re-Energizer Charging Unit for ECOPAC(TM) (110V 0r 220/240V)
  • 2 Spare 10W Halogen Bulbs
  • Hard Shell Carrying Case


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