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DRE FX-300+ Surgical Headlight and Light Source

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One of the best Headlight System values on the market today!

The DRE FX-300+ Surgical Headlight System is a 300-watt Xenon Light Source and high-intensity fiber optic headlight that offers vivid, long-lasting surgical illumination at the flick of a switch. The FX-300+ provides vibrant white xenon light throughout prolonged and difficult surgical procedures. Plus, you can crank the power to achieve unparalleled ultra-bright light.excellent intensity. The FX-300+ is a flexible option for a wide variety of surgical and medical procedures.


  • Minimal warm-up time means surgical lighting is available when you need it.
  • Sophisticated fan helps maintain operation while reducing the chance of overheating.
  • The rotating turret accepts cables made by ACMI, Wolf, Storz, Olympus and more.

Headlight Options

DRE Xavier-HI: High Intensity Fiber Optic Headlight

  • Pinpoint spot adjusts via precision internal iris.
  • Side-mount fiber optic bundle features flexible durability to bring comfort, intensity and longevity to your system
  • Lightweight, structurally sound, flexible fiber optic cables.
  • “Cable Lock” mechanism secures the cable into the optic.
  • Autoclavable positioning bar provides sterile adjustment.
  • Quick disconnect cable offers ease of movement.
  • Collar and gown clips secure and contain the fiber optic cable.

DRE Xavier-SA: Lightweight Fiber Optic Headlight

  • Small, lightweight, brilliant.
  • Delivers exceptional intensity in a sleek, unobtrusive system.
  • Standard, Flex or Sport Headband.
  • Simple, lightweight clip-on systems for easy integration with popular magnification loupes.
  • Precision iris adjustment provides a clean, even, variable spot size.

DRE Xavier-M: Monocular Optic Headlight

  • Delivers high intensity, shadow-free light into any body cavity — optimized for otolaryngologists!
  • Enables you to position the optic over your dominant eye.
  • Consistent illumination field (11.5 cm at 40 cm working distance).