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DRE Echo XL: NIBP, SpO2, & Temp

DRE Echo XL: NIBP, SpO2, & Temp


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Product Description

DRE Veterinary is proud to introduce the DRE Echo XL patient monitor which offers measurements of patients vital signs that are extremely accurate. The Echo XL is small in design and is great for veterinarian offices and mobile applications.

  • Measurement of Non-invasive blood pressure, SpO2 & temperature.
  • Optional: EtCo2 and ECG
  • Numeric LED + 3.2' Graphic TFT LCD Integrative Display
  • Two Plethysmogram Waveforms (ECG wave optional)
  • Ethernet Connection
  • Anti-Defibrillation & Anti-Electrosurgical Interference
  • Shockproof & Waterproof
  • SD Card / storage more than 10,000 patients’ data
  • 10 hour Li-ion Battery


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