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DRE Citadel EZ Electrosurgical Unit (ESU)

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The DRE Citadel EZ is a high frequency electrosurgical unit designed for light to moderate surgical procedures. Available with a wide range of electrosurgical accessories.

For more information on the DRE Citadel EZ ESU, contact a DRE representative today.




  • High frequency, 120-watt electrosurgical unit ideal for light to moderate surgical procedures.




  • Multi-functional ESU operates in the following modes: Pure Cut, Blend, Forced Coag, Soft Coag, and Bipolar.




  • Neutral electrode connection is constantly monitored for safe operation.




  • Control the monopolar handpiece output for complete attention to the surgical field.




  • Self check controls help to ensure all parts and accessories are functioning properly.




  • Self patient plate circuit monitoring for patient safety.




  • Self impedance monitoring for continuous output during surgical procedures.




  • Also available in 160-watt configuration. Ask your DRE representative for details.



Standard Accessories



  • Power cord




  • Reusable electrode cable




  • Reusable electrode plate




  • Electrosurgical tips (pack of 10)




  • Reusable hand switching pen




  • Reusable foot switch




  • Bipolar adapter